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Trivia Game

It is known that mobile and online information competitions have a positive effect on the Y and Z generation personnel. The sense of competition triggered by corporate games increases energy and motivation. The use of these technologies is increasingly common in order to convey the corporate culture to all employees and increase the level of knowledge.
Mobixa platform can be given as an example of corporate games and gamification technologies. The preparation of these games without any request from the information technology department provides great convenience. A lot of repetition is essential for knowledge to be memorable. Thanks to the practicality and fast preparation of the gamification platform, you can send many game scenarios to your staff every day or every week. This ensures that the questions asked in the quiz are often repeated and memorable. In-house games such as quizzes are the cheapest and most effective solutions that make education memorable.

In addition, you can benefit from mobile quiz games to make your classroom trainings more energetic and memorable.

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