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Analise needs

Training needs analysis is very important to fix mistakes. How do you measure the level of knowledge of your students, team, staff, field teams, technical service staff, branches and regional offices?
How do you document who needs training on which subject and when?

One solution might be to take your entire field team e-exam and evaluate this exam, but it does not meet today's high speed and statistical precision requirement.

For example, a classic exam for your team will not exceed 50 questions, more questions mean loss of workforce. In addition, too many exam questions will create boredom and encourage people not to take the exam. These 50 questions you ask will probably contain 5-10 topics.
You will have determined the level of knowledge on any subject in only 10 questions, which will be very weak statistically.

Thanks to the gamified content you will prepare with the Mobixa platform, you can instantly see a person's lack of knowledge on a certain subject and easily analyze his training needs.

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