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Corporate Training Firms

If you are giving corporate training, this technology is for you.

Making gamification in classroom education with the support of technology doubles the perception of young people.

With mobile question-answer competition, quizzes and finals, it can instantly show you what subjects the class does not understand.
Now the era of "tell me if you do not understand the topics I told today" is over. You can analyze the exam result together with the class on the dashboard screen. This will enable students in the classroom to participate in the assessment process and to see their mistakes themselves. The system is also organized in a structure that creates competition within the class. As students want to pass each other, you guarantee the permanence of information. You can send games, competitions, quizzes not only in the classroom but also after the training is completed, and you can have the results instantly.

Sending messages to your students inside the game platform will give results that reinforce the information.

A perfect environment is at hand for you to report personal training progress to senior management. You can do all this easily with the mobixa platform without any technical knowledge. It is up to you to increase the effectiveness of your corporate development trainings .


Our expert team is ready to support you in your corporate gamification projects .

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