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Prepare Games and Tests

in Seconds

Analyze the Results Instantly

Create Game / Quiz
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Let All The Team or Students Play

1) Add Questions

Enter your questions easily.

If you have a prerecorded question set, you can upload them with excel also.

 You can use these questions as many times as you want in all the games and SINOYs you create.


If you want to increase the number of questions immediately, you can use the Mobixa question library having more than 4.000 questions.

2) Prepare a Game

You can link the games together. You will be able to use these games for the same or different people as much as you want in the future.

3) Your game is ready, let them play!

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4) See The Progress, Analyze and Share

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Quiz Dashboard

Manager or trainer can send the results with one click.

Excel export feature is also available.

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Leaderboard, Badges, Stars, My Progress and My Messages

Boost New Generation's

Knowledge and Motivation

we have internal trainers


Corporate Trainers

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