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It is a gamification platform to

 train & educate,

convey corporate culture,

cut orientation time

and motivate your staff is an online education technology suitable for the expectations of the new generation and distance education. It is designed to support companies, training units and trainers. It reduces your training costs. It provides rapid repetition of the topics taught in education in the form of microl-earning. It provides memorable information about the business by reaching a high number of repetitions in a short time.


Mobixa management panel

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Technology that meets the expectations of the new generation.


Without having technical knowledge, you can easily prepare quizzes.


You can create an exam within 2 minutes, send it to your teams, and see the results instantly.


The more the information is repeated, the higher the rate of learning.


You can benefit from Mobixa games to increase the rate of participation in distance trainings.


Use the power of gamification in your training sessions .



Exams don't have to be boring anymore. With the Mobixa Quiz module, you can remotely prepare an online test  in just 3 steps .



It allows you to easily prepare online quizzes to provide catchy trainings. Send the games you have prepared to your teams / students and trigger learning.

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