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We use Mobixa gamification platform to keep our remote teams up to date.


Thanks to the competitions across teams triggered by Mobixa, the knowledge level of the team increased. Motivation and energy level boosted.


Thanks to Mobixa for adding a new motivation and corporate culture tool that we needed for a long time.


Osmanlı Invest Inc.



Gamification is one of the most important training methods for young generations because it provides fast and permanent learning.


As EchoCSS, we have included Mobixa games and quizes in our corporate training processes.


Thanks to the competitive and dynamic training platform, we had the opportunity to follow the effectiveness of the information we provide in trainings more easily andalso we can reinforce the missing information across teams instantly, thanks to Mobixa.




Burçak Atak.jpeg

With Mobixa, you can make your training fun, provide motivation by gamifying your content, and ensure employee continuity by improving the sense of belonging of the new generation.


Mobixa can be used as measurement and valuation tool as well as you can even manage department goals with different designs. The administration panel is simple, straightforward and user-friendly.


It is very easy to follow the development processes with instant reports.


Kolektif Trend

Managing Partner


We preferred Mobixa as a gamification app in our new generation digital development project.


We have made Mobixa games as part of our development culture in both distance and on-site training. It is possible to observe that all participants who have used Mobixa achieved measurable success. Mobixa effects consolidation of knowledge in our training results.


I can gladly say that we make a difference in development management by easily presenting our individual and group based development reports to our customers thanks to reporting and analysis supports by Mobixa.


Babuda İnsan Kaynakları



In today's world where we are disconnected from manual systems and all systems are digitalized, the new generation has gotten used to doing everything electronically. We, as the compounding call center, serve our customers with our young and dynamic staff.
We aimed to create a working style according to the interests, learning methods and perceptions of these young people who we call Generation Z. At this stage, Mobixa came to our aid :) Learning with play, mobile education, spending fun time with current general culture topics were exactly what the generation Z needed.
Thanks to Mobixa providing all these, we have ensured that our employees both keep their knowledge fresh and learn by having fun.


Bileşim Finance Technologies

Call Center Manager


As an instructor, my priority is to ensure that all participants have mastered the shared information without being distracted.


I always try hard for this. When I saw that I could make this more effective, fun and enjoyable with Mobixa, I quickly started to use it. In this way, I was able to measure my training as well as increase its efficiency.


Operation is simple and easy.


Kolektif Trend


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