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These features belong to the Mobixa Cloud product. "On premise" installation can be made for our customers who request. Please contact to learn the features of the on-premise platform.
Cloud Technology

There is no need for installation in your company for system main components. All of our infrastructures and applications run on the latest technology cloud servers.

Language Support
Mobixa supports English and Russian in addition to Turkish.
You can race your employees speaking different languages ​​in the same game.
Information security

Your data is protected by high-level encryption infrastructure (SSL) and token mechanism.

In the application layer, it is not possible for an institution to see the person or data of another institution.


Seamless integration with your company's existing systems thanks to our API connection.
Authority Groups
You can define authority to your management team in proportion to their responsibilities. For example, while a staff member can only enter questions, your training unit manager can create a game and view the results.
Suitable for Horizontal Use
Game application suitable for horizontal and vertical use.
Automatic compatibility with window size when using from the web.
In-app Messaging Function
Text or visual messages you send from the center are delivered to the target people from within the application.
Content Creation Service
Don't have time to build your question library? Do not worry about it. Our expert team is at your side.
We have added gamification expertise to our 20 years of customer service experience. We are always with you.
On Demand Gamification Projects
We can design custom gamification scenarios suitable for your targeted behavioral change.
More information
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