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Remote Learning

One of the problems encountered while providing distance education to students is concentration problem. While in the classroom, you could see your students' movements, moods, and boredom. However, you do not have such a chance in distance education. It may disturb you to know that you have no choice but to keep students willingly and self-motivated. At this point, the concept of "gamification" comes to your rescue. In fact, all instructors know the positive contribution of games to their lessons. Many use games as a tool in the classroom. However, we cannot use many of the games we use in the classroom in distance education . We should get support from gamification technologies like mobixa . You can show your students a game at the end of the topic and give points and badges to the winning students. You can give a time limit to the games. During this time, they will try to finish the game at the top. Your students can even send a duel to each other. With this game, you can observe which student does not understand the subject. You can still send messages to your students in-game. You should also take advantage of technology for gamification. The knowledge learned in the game is much easier to remember. When you play a game through the contest setup, you notice that the energy level increases, the information is repeated and learned in a memorable way during the game. Although there are many game platforms produced for this purpose, the most prominent of them is the mobixa platform. Mobixa has an in - class exam-game (SINOY) specially created for instructors. Exam results are sent to students with a single click. The instructor can instantly see which subjects the class understands less, and everyone can take action while in the classroom. You can play not only quizzes but also game scenarios limited by your imagination to your students here. With the message feature, you can send messages to your students both in and out of the classroom. From the leaderboard, each student can follow their level in the game.

Mobixa also enables you to perform training needs analysis very effectively.

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